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General Terms and Conditions

We welcome you to Bligoo. Before you begin using our services, you must read and accept these Bligoo’s Terms of Use service ("Terms and Conditions of Use"), which include any future amendments:

Terms and Conditions of Use

Bligoo’s  General Terms and Conditions of use correspond to the documentation that links the services provided by Blue Company S.A. with Bligoo publication system users and community building.

Bligoo’s General Terms and Conditions use may be updated at any time and without notice, so users are responsible to review periodic. From the moment they are published, changes or updates to the Terms and Conditions of Use shall be deemed that Bligoo users are notified of it. If there were significant changes, Blue Company may send a notification to the email address provided by you upon registration.

From the moment  each user logs into Bligoo and/or make use of their services are accepting Bligoo’s General Terms and Conditions of Use and all amendments and/or subsequent updates.

Description of Services

Bligoo is a social site system dependent on Blue Company S.A. that allows for free post and access content from third parties, also builds relationships between people with similar interests. Overall you will be responsible for all actions, activities and events held by the authentication provided by your username and password.

Bligoo allows you with the only fact of registering and for free, the creation of three communities and the possibility of sharing content across communities with common interests that is built through users of the service. Bligoo may offer, in addition to the above, preferential paid services that are governed by the same Terms and Conditions of Use, general cause is not specifically regulated under special conditions. Bligoo also may provide different permissions to certain users depending on their community access and registration. These permissions can be changed at any time without prior notice by Blue Company S.A.


Admission to Bligoo services has the nature of open and free. Nonetheless, the use of this site is intended exclusively for users over 18 years and Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to reject records that do not apply the minimum requirements for the proper and appropriate identification of the user community. To these effects, Blue Company S.A. will required at the time of registration, relevant information enabling the correct identification of users by not allowing the existence of anonymous data records. For that purpose, Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to request data at any time to verify the accuracy of such information.

Bligoo does not allow anonymous users. Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to request without prior notice the exhibition of legal documentation that allows the identification of the user in accordance with the provisions of Bligoo’s privacy policies.

Use of Services

By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you agree to be the responsible for your use of these services, the publications that you make and the actions that Bligoo allows for communication and community building.

The violation of any of the matters referred to in these General Terms and Conditions of use will result in termination of services, and supposes civil legal consequences. Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to investigate the use of the service, holding on to their privacy policies in order to determine whether any violation of these Terms or for purposes of verifying compliance to the applicable regulations.

In the context of using Bligoo services you will be able to publish content through different sites, whether or not furnished by Blue Company S.A. or third parties. In no case you can, using Bligoo services, perform certain acts that violate the user community, comprehending but not limited to hate speech, violent and generally those that disrupt a communication and tolerant and diverse environment. You also cannot use the services of Bligoo to promote affiliate websites, improve the position of the same to the search engines, or to publish only advertisements.            In case of been notified for any of the facts described above, directly or through technological devices for that purpose, Blue Company S.A. will have access to communications Bligoo users labeled as uncomprehended in the conditions of usage.

The content posted via Bligoo’s platform is the sole responsibility of the users of the system and in any case Bligoo supervise, control or censure those contents in previous form, so it will not be consider responsible for infringements that users perform through the use of the platform. Also Bligoo does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the content posted by its users.

Through the use of the platform you authorize Bligoo to deploy advertising on your site. In any case, you may install advertising services from third parties, which will be administered particularly where Blue Company S.A. will not have responsibility or control in its management. Nonetheless, for better positioning, management and dissemination of the information in the content community, Blue Company S.A. can advertise the existing content pages especially designed for this purpose.

The user, when acting as manager of a community within Bligoo, may establish their own Terms of Use to define the content published and conditions of access to post in it. Thus, the user may set restrictions on content, user levels, moderate, approve or reject reviews and articles, among other activities to be managed by the administration of Bligoo. In any way particular conditions may be contrary to the Terms and Conditions of Use of Bligoo, and everything that is not resolved in those additionally applies the General Conditions.

Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to remove or refuse at any time the distribution of content on the service, as well as content which violates the conditions of these Terms. Without prejudice to the treatment of the content of messages and private communications between users indicated in the Privacy Policy, Blue Company S.A. also reserves the right to access, read, preserve, and disclose any information as reasonably necessary to (a) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or judicial requests to be the case (b) implement or enforce these Conditions , including investigation of potential violations hereof, (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud or security situations, (d) protect the rights, property or safety of Bligoo, of its users, the community and the public. Blue Company S.A. will not be responsible for the exercise or not of their rights under this agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights

Blue Company S.A.is the exclusive owner of intellectual property rights of the Bligoo service, including but not limited to trademark Bligoo, the isotype and its derivatives. In this way you cannot make commercial use of this information without the express permission of Blue Company S.A. or arrogate more rights than this agreement and associated legal documentation gives you.

Copyright arising from content posted by Bligoo users are exclusively owned by them and by this instrument Blue Company S.A. renounce only to the ownership or control over any content that you submit, post, display, or links through the service. By submitting, posting or displaying content on or through Bligoo services remains available to the public, you grant an international license to Bligoo non-exclusive and free to reproduce, publish, index and distribute such content on Bligoo services only with the object of giving greater visibility and thus displaying and distributing services. Anyhow, Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to refuse the admission, publication, display or transmission of any content in its sole discretion.

Similarly, from the time of publication Bligoo content, you claimed to be the original author or derivative thereof own all rights or authorizations to use such intellectual works, not being up to Blue Company S.A. liability for infringement of copyright arising or similar made by users under the use of the services offered.

In case a third parties claim against any infringements of intellectual property rights or the like caused by users of Bligoo under utilization of services, Blue Company S.A. reserves the right to cancel at any time the distribution of services and to notify the user of that case, using the procedure outlined in the Legal Policy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, on the application by others of personal information from one or more users such as IP number, email or other personal data, especially for sensitive data, Blue Company S.A. shall apply the provisions of the Bligoo Privacy Policy. In any case, for purposes of protecting the privacy of Bligoo users, delivering this information to third parties only judicial notice will be improved.

Cancellation and suspension

Blue Company S.A. may, at its discretion at any time for any reason, terminate the service, to solve these Terms, or suspend or terminate your account. In the event of termination, your account will be disabled and you will not have access to it or to files or the contents of your account, although they may remain in our system temporary copies of such information.

By using Bligoo, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify Blue Company, its representatives, agents and employees from claims by third parties related to your use of the service, including any liability or expense arising from all claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, of any kind and nature. In this case, Blue Company S.A. will send you a written notice of such claim, suit or action.



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