Bligoo's FAQ

What is Bligoo?

Bligoo is a social site that helps not only to publish or read content, but to build relationships between people with similar interests or visions. The best way to learn is to create a site, explore, join communities and make some friends. There is more information of Bligoo and who are responsible for us at

How do I get a registration key?

To register at Bligoo, go to, and select register for free, you must enter your email there. You'll receive an email with a login information, which enables you to create your own profile. By this way you will be part of this great community Bligoo.

What are the rules of participating in Bligoo?

Please read our Coexistence Guide to find out everything you need to know about the social model of Bligoo.

Does the use of Bligoo service cost anything?

At Bligoo, there will always be a free version available. This version has some limits and occasionally deploys some advertising on sites created.

How many sites can I create for free?

When you have a free account, you can create up to three sites. Beware, if you delete a site, you won't be able to recover it.

I want to use Bligoo content published elsewhere or in other media like a print magazine or newspaper, can I?

For now, the best way is to contact the author of the content you want to include by sending a personal message. Once you've contacted the person, it is best to include as much information as possible about you, specify the item you wish to use and how much you want to use.

What considerations are there for my rights as an author?

Here you associate your items to the Creative Commons license. If you see your articles without authorization in someone else's blog, please send a notice of infringement to our Contact Mail.

Will my sites or the content created in them ever be eliminated?

We reserve the right to delete sites that have violated our Coexistence Guide or have not been updated for at least four months.

Is Bligoo Open Source?

Bligoo is not a program, it's a service which uses (at the source, to support or architecture) different programs. Most of them are open source projects which we support and collaborate. The code developed by us doesn't have the characteristics to become an Open Source project, but we certainly consider some of our developments to be useful for others. Taking this opportunity, we thank those involved in the projects for the inspiration and the excellent work: Apache 2 - Debian - Dojo - Drupal - Eclipse - FireFox - Hibernate - Jboss - MySQL - Tomcat.

Who is responsible for Bligoo?

Bligoo is a project of Blue Company, complaints, comments and gifts to them. ;)

How can I show my friends that I have sites in Bligoo?

You can create your own address in Bligoo (like [3]). You just need to choose a name that represents your Bligoo page and then show the site to your friends.

I forgot my password!

It can happen to anyone. You can get a new one using your email, we remind you entering the same address you use to register Bligoo. If needed.

How can I change my password?

If you remember your current password, you can change it directly by entering on your profile and clicking change your password.

Do I have to complete my profile?

No, you don't have to if you wish so. You may have noticed that the only information we require is your email address. Besides this, nothing is obligatory. If you complete your profile, you can increase the chance of finding others who share your interests, if that's what you're interested in. By the way, you can find people in Bligoo looking for your e-mail, user name or interests. Importantly, you can have more than one profile, depending on the number of Blogs that you engage. You can edit your image and your preferences in each of them.

Can I change my username?

Yes. You can change it many times as you want. This can be confusing to your friends or communities that use Bligoo, but if you want to, do it!

What is that gray icon with a smile next to my name?

That's what we call a personal image or avatar. To change it go to see "my profile" - Change my picture, here you can select the picture you want.

I'm worry about some things I saw on the site. What can I do?

You can write to us on our Contact Mail. with your questions and suggestions.

You can also participate in this site on where you can talk directly with the developers of Bligoo. When you send a report, we need as much detail as you can give us regarding your comments, questions, complaints or suggestions.

I have a great idea! How can I suggest it?

We are eager to listen. To begin, it's probably best to send us your idea using our Contact Mail or post a comment on



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