Privacy Policy

I. Privacy Policy

Bligoo’s Privacy Policy discloses registered members on the website what identifiable personal information and non-identifiable we collect, the purposes under which we use it, how and when we disclose this information to a third reliable, how these members can set their privacy level in Bligoo and what information can be known to other users or third parties.

Bligoo’s Privacy Policy can be modified and/or updated at any time and for any reason. Bligoo's users will be notified of changes or updates to the Privacy Policy from the moment it's published on the site If there were significant changes, such as in the handling of personal information, Bligoo may send a notification to the email that each user holds on their account. However, we recommend, to review our Privacy Policy regularly.

From the time each user logs into Bligoo and/or make use of our services, he or she agrees to our Privacy Policy and its amendments and/or subsequent updates.

The use and handling of personal information of users performs under the laws of Chile, in particular, according to Law No. 19,628 about the Protection of Privacy and Personal Data Processing. The personal information of users of Bligoo residing outside Chile will be transferred, processed and registered under the aforementioned legislation.

Questions, suggestions or comments about our Privacy Policy should be directed, by "Contact Us", by post or by sending an email to


II. What personal information Bligoo collect?

Personal information is data about you, personally identifiable like your name, IP address and email. It's also personal information which Bligoo collects as you use our services, generating content on our network of blogs and thematic communities, creating web sites in the network of Bligoo raising awareness of your preferences, interests and tastes, and other interactions.



Information provided by the user

When you register to Bligoo, we ask you to provide us consciously with certain personally identifiable information. Specifically, we ask your email address and personal information to register first, then we ask "basic information": your name, date of birth, gender, personal interests and geographic location. Bligoo automatically receives and records that information on our servers.

Also, we give you an option on the tab "My Account" to provide additional personal information such as membership of certain organizations, biography, your signature that will appear in the messages to be send on the Bligoo's network, among others.

You are responsible for the accuracy and integrity of personally identifiable information provided at the time of your registration at Bligoo or modified later. You assume all liabilities arising from the use of information belonging to third persons, identity theft or use of false information. Bligoo may at any time request the accreditation of the accuracy of personally identifiable information you provided. If you don't reply to our request within 30 days, Bligoo reserves the right to remove your registration account.

Once you are logged in to Bligoo, you can set your privacy level options under the label "My preferences" (going to your profile on Bligoo) and determine if other users can see your email or date of birth, determining who can send personal messages to your inbox in Bligoo, among others.

You may, at any time, access your personal information in your user account, update, modify, reconfigure your privacy level, add or delete information from your public profile or accessible to other Bligoo users, can also delete your user account by sending an e-mail or other means Bligoo determine. In the latter case, the articles you've posted on our platform will remain anonymous but may be revealed with an indication of your personal information following an injunction. Regarding the comments or articles you've posted on a website with a Bligoo platform created by a user, will remain with reference to your name to the extent that the user has specified in the terms and conditions of use of its site.

Each time you update or modify your personal information, Bligoo generates a backup copy to the backup mode of personal data earlier version, which will remain on our servers for a period of 6 months.



Information compiled by Bligoo

Each time you access to the Bligoo website and/or make use of our services of Bligoo servers, automatically records certain information that is sent via your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or others), for example, browser type you are using and your IP address. When you register at Bligoo, your IP address is stored in our database user registry.

Additionally, our servers store certain information from your browser using "cookies" which are small amounts of data, which includes an anonymous unique identifier sent to your browser from a website and stored on the hard drive of your computer. You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when there is. If you reject all cookies, you may not make the most Bligoo services.

Also, by using our network of blogs and communities, creating sites in the Bligoo platform and, in general, to make use of our services, generates certain information that is collected by Bligoo for knowing how you interact on our site, which are your interests and preferences and, in general, monitor your activities on Bligoo. In that sense, the conversations you hold with other users through our Bligoo platform are private. Bligoo do not have access to these talks nor intervene or intercept, but the respective Logs will be recorded on our servers for the purpose of injunctions or the competent authority.

In line with those reported in the " Bligoo's Terms and Conditions of Use " (chapter on "Using the Services"), any user can tag a communication as uncomprehended within the terms of use of services (hate speech, violence, insults, complaints, threats, insults and generally those that disrupt communication and tolerant and diverse environment), revealing its contents to Bligoo who may, at its discretion, send a message to the user "offender" ordering him to desist from that behavior or may remove your registration account.



III. What does Bligoo do with your personal information?


Using your personal contact information

Bligoo may use your personal contact information such as your e-mail address, your log messages on Bligoo web site or through sites, blogs or communities you create on Bligoo, in order to send you information and promotions about our services we believe may be of your interest according to your preferences and tastes. Also, we can insert in your sites, communities or in your user account information from third parties that we believe may be of interest under such preferences and tastes, as well as other advertising. Bligoo will not deliver to third parties (related or not) your contact information or other personal information of your user account which allows contact to you. Bligoo do not provide to any third party your email address in order to generate a list of valid emails. The publicity information of products and services of third parties are inserted and published directly by Bligoo.


Using the information in "user profile" and your preferences

Your information "User Profile" is recorded on our servers and we use it for you to be able to access it whenever you want, to be exhibited or shown to the users you have authorized Bligoo according to your privacy settings as well to other users or third parties access to it in order to spread what you think or write, letting others know about your interests in Bligoo.

When you register, you provide certain personal information about your preferences and tastes, which configures your user profile on the label "My Profile". Also, each time you use our services, Bligoo collects certain information about your preferences and issues. All this information is used by Bligoo under its basic principle, that is, generate contact betwen Bligoo social networks who share common interests. Then, we use your user profile and preferences to connect to other Bligoo sites that we believe are related or match your interests, for example, by recommending articles, notes or comments posted on Bligoo. The use of your "user profile" and preferences does not allow third parties to access your contact details.


Using your IP address and cookies

We use your IP address to monitor your interactions Bligoo website, how you use our services, for administration and improvement of such services. Bligoo not associate your IP address to your personally identifiable information or your contact information.

We use cookies sent by your browser to our servers to access your information when you enter Bligoo website, so we keep track of your preferences while using our services, to estimate and report our total audience size and traffic to do conduct investigations and, in general, to improve Bligoo services and content. Under no circumstances we will use cookies to collect personally identifiable information. We instruct third parties to analyze and study the behavior and preferences of our users based on the information the cookies deliver, in which case Bligoo will never provide such personally identifiable information to third parties or your contact information.

Cancel your registration account

Without prejudice to the stated in the "Cancellation and suspension" of the Terms and Conditions of Use, Bligoo may at any time without notification or prior notice, cancel your account record in the event of not respecting the terms and conditions of use of Bligoo. Also, Bligoo take such action when it becomes aware through comments or messages, to promote the commission of such crimes, share information, videos, photos or any other document that undermines morality, morals, and especially when , in our view, constitute pornography or evidence the commission of crimes of a sexual nature against minors. We reserve the right to report to the prosecutor, police or appropriate authority, situations that we consider they constitute crimes. To this end, once we have deleted your user account, we will keep your personal data on our servers as long as we deem appropriate. Also, we will temporary storage on our servers log the logs of your conversations and/or sent messages that relate to the facts or conduct described above. We will not use your personal information for purposes other than as referred to possible criminal investigations.


IV. Share information with your contacts, other users and third


Disclosure of your personal information by Bligoo

Given that the purpose that motivates Bligoo is to be a social system of blogs, web sites and communities to build relationships between people with similar interests or views, and that our primary challenge is that others read what you write, Bligoo use certain information of your "user profile" on the label "My Profile" with the purpose to be known by Bligoo users and third parties.

Specifically, aware that when you created your user account, you can give Bligoo basic information (your name, interests, generic place of residence, date of birth, etc.) and data on your identity (biography, occupation, etc.), which may or may not be available to any person accessing our website and for users of Bligoo as your own privacy configuration.

However, and consistent with the mission and purposes mentioned, you consent that your name, your interests, the generic place of residence, your biography and occupation, your contacts, your recent articles and comments, your sites and labels relating to your preferences, will be permanently available to third parties as you create a site or community in the Bligoo platform. In this sense, the above information can be known by others through search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

We believe that this way we help the people interested in what you write, to discover yourself and connect with you, at the moment of recommending your articles based on labels, different people will know you wrote about something that interests them, allowing free access to your web site gives Bligoo users the ability to know what you think and write. We also give the possibility for third parties to access your site to get interested in its content and join our network of users. Similarly Bligoo helps you find items and people that might be interesting for you.



Publication of your personal information using the services of Bligoo

Our services allow you to create a site, blog or community on Bligoo in order to let others read what you write about your topics of interest. With other users you can create a community around common interests, you can make comments on sites created by other users, you can respond to messages or comments that others have made about what you write or comment, among other interactions.

In this regard, please note that when interacting with our services you can divulge or disclose certain personally identifiable information or information about your preferences, tastes, or any data that identify you. Similarly, you can transfer or publish videos, photos, documents or other information. You are the only responsible if you choose to share information with your contacts, users Bligoo or with third parties who access our site (read articles, comments and tags on your preference) likewise your own site created in Bligoo. We cannot control or restrict the use that will be given to the information you publish on the part of those who access it. You free us from all liability, contractual or other nature in the event of those who do have access to your information from misuse, illegal or fraudulent use thereof.



Disclosure of your personal information to courts or administrative authorities

Bligoo will disclose your personally identifiable information, logs and IP addresses of registration, among others, when we have been requested by a judicial or administrative authority - with empire faculties - in a notification or legal requirement. We will never disclose such information to private litigants that request this on its own initiative or public agencies without any legal process before it is justified. Once we receive notification of a judicial or administrative authority, we will inform you by e-mail.


Change in ownership or management of Bligoo

In the situation that all or part of Bligoo assets are acquired by a third company or person, in the event of ownership change of Bligoo whatever the reason or against the change in the administration of our services and website, your personally identifiable information will be transferred to the new Bligoo owner or management under the privacy policy in effect at the time of transfer. Through Bligoo website we will notify you of the occurrence of any of the events listed. If you were not in accordance with the change of Bligoo ownership or administrator at any time you can terminate of being part of Bligoo.



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